The Covid-19 lock down has taught all of us that our incomes and jobs are at risk. We cannot predict when this pandemic will end and how the economic situation will be.

Thus, you must prepare yourself and put your future into your own hands. Time is now to look for opportunities to tap into.

In the following article, I’ll show you 7 good things that call you to invest yourself in online business right now.

1. Your income been affected by Covid-19

COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on labor supply and earnings of workers in many countries. Individuals are already suffering immediate loss of income and employment.

This impact is particularly tough for younger workers and those in more precarious types of employment. Those are works in informal environments or part-time works with zero-hours contracts.

To cushion the shock caused by the pandemic governments have made efforts to support companies and individuals. They safeguard jobs, guarantee wages, provide support to the categories that are harmed the most. Yet, nobody can say that the measures put in place will overcome the needs of the beneficiaries. So, individuals must seek and find other alternatives to be able to secure their own income.

You may be in that category of people. To cope with what is happening due to Covid-19, it is high time to pay attention to the opportunities offered and start your online business.

2. You see yourself running a successful business someday

    Internet is full of very exciting success stories. Around the globe, people succeeded because they are able to take advantage of the opportunities that arose at some point. But lots of time, we fail to start and miss opportunities because of one reason or another.

    Let me tell you about my experience. For the past few years, I have noted how friends and relatives who dared to start business, are now leaded an easy life. I always wondered what their secret was, and why not me.

    I knew that I must change. But each time, I found some ”valid’ excuses: ‘I can’t quit my job which gives me stability’, or ‘I don’t have enough resources to invest’, or ‘I don’t or wouldn’t have enough time to invest in my business’, and so on.

    It was not until I read the book I read ‘’ Think Big” by Ben Carson and ”Think and Grow Rich ‘’ by Napoleon Hill ‘’ that I changed my focus!

    One of the common excuses to not start business is ‘’I don’t know where to start’’. That is the reason why many people prefer to keep their ‘’comfort zones’’, fearing disappointment in the future.

    If you see yourself running a successful business someday, and given the new economic reality of our time due to Covid-19, it’s more than time to change and take advantage of the digital age we are in and embrace (online) business.

    You can ask me: ‘’But, how to start?’’

    Here are some tips for starting your own online business:

    – Find a business market niche that you can win

    – Build a website

    – Brand yourself

    – Embrace digital marketing

    – Build a Community

    I will discuss it in the coming posts, but you can have more information HERE

    3. You are looking to make some extra money to improve the quality of your life

      Do you know the old song entitled “what would you do if you won the lottery?”

      To two dozen people at my workplace, I’ve asked the same question (the title of the song) . Here are 10 top of mind answers I got :

      1. I’ll quit my job

      2. I’ll buy a big house

      3. I’ll fund my parents

      4. I’ll travel around the globe

      5. I’ll pay all my loans and debts

      6. I’ll pay for my kids in the prestigious schools

      7. I’ll pay for my university studies

      8. I’ll buy more clothes

      9. I’ll keep working

      10. I’ll fund charity organizations

        To some, it may seem like a fiction or a hypothesis because you don’t win the Lottery as often. But you still have to ask yourself this question ‘’ What would you do with such a large sum of money won in the Lottery? ’’

        If you are thinking of starting a business online, answer this question and be ready to do what you plan to do with it. Investing in a good online business you will make it happen. What matters is your determination and your courage to overcome the limiting barriers.

        The development of Internet and its global spread has opened many doors of business opportunities to invest in online and earn money to improve the quality of your life. And believe me, online business opportunities are making more profit than the physical-based categories of companies. Great example cases are available here and there: see Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, …, to name few.

        4. Your current job is not your “dream job”

          Having a ‘’dream job’’ is somehow subjective and its understanding may vary from one person to another.

          For some, a dream job implies big title, fun perks and opportunities of advancement. For others, having a dream job might mean have a job that helps become rich.

          All this is true. But let’s take that ‘’ a dream job is a job ‘’that allows you to do what you love to do that supports the lifestyle you choose to have’’. Your dream job gives you an enviable income, a free training and an amazing connection. If this is not the case at your current work, it is time to think about another orientation.

          You will not be the first to change, because most people dream about starting a company is because their current work do not give them satisfaction.

          5. In the past year, you have sometimes held a monthly credit card debt or you have requested an overdraft from your Bank

            This speaks for itself!

            Whoever has been into such a situation once upon a time feels how it is embarrassing to receive a notification that his bank could not execute his payment request due to insufficient credits.

            Whoever has to go to his bank to complete the formalities for requesting overdraft knows the number of resolutions he takes to get out of that the vicious circle of bank overdrafts.

            The only solution to get out of this imbroglio is to seize every opportunity that presents itself to get out. Follow my example!

            6. You are currently working as a freelancer or are a part-time employee

              A freelancer is a self-employed and hired to work for different companies. He works on particular assignments and not committed to a particular employer long-term.

              Fields, professions, and industries where freelancing is predominant include music, writing, acting, computer programming, web design, graphic design, translating, illustrating, film and video production.

              To work as a freelancer is another option for finding extra income because you can work for many employers and earn. Yet, with the Covid-19 pandemic effects where lots of business are shutting down and millions of unemployed cases freelancing is harder.

              Turning to ‘’online’’ is a sure way to get more work even during a post-Covid-19 recession. With this option, you will be able to choose your niche, build your personal brand. At the same time your you will build your online presence

              7. You feel that making more money would measurably improve your quality of life

                George Horace Lorimer said that it’s good to have money and the things that money can buy. That is a normal thing and it is the reason why we all want to have more money in our bank account.

                There are many reasons why making more money will contribute to improve your life, but I’ll give you my top five:

                1. With more money, you and your family are healthier, because you can afford proper medical care;

                2. With more money you can take care of yourself, giving yourself and your family extra comfort;

                3. Getting more money will allow you to travel more and broaden up ways to see life;

                4. With more money you have fewer worries about basic needs: no burden of paying bills and food, and allows you to focus on your dreams and your projects;

                5. With more money you can help more your beloved, donate to your favorite Charity.

                  So, if you feel that making more money would improve your quality of life, time is now, because now you have more reasons to make more money. What remains is your motivation.

                  The 7 good things that call you to invest yourself in online business right now presented above are very few. But what is important is to have eyes and mind opened and consider that time to take action is now. In this complicated economic more income is always welcome.

                  To sum up…

                  To sum up, I would like to ask you this question: “Do you like your current situation 100%?” If not, what do you intend to do to make your situation better?

                  You will agree with me that without novelty or correction no change. And all this is only possible by making the choice to seize opportunities. This means that if you do not act now there is a big risk for you to regret someday.

                  So if the answer to my question is ‘’ no ’’, then stop wasting your chance to change it. Take a chance without risk because it is free and without commitment other than questioning yourself and doing what is best for you.

                  Join me at Wealthy Affiliate right now.

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