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My name is Bathwag. Married, living in a big city.

A few years back, after completing my University studies, I’ve obtained a post at a managerial position in one of public institutions. Being married with 4 children (2 daughters and 2 boys), 2 being in High School, and demands of life were growing very fast, and I was struggling to make my financial ends meet.

At that time, I read a book entitled ”Think Big” by Ben Carson, and my life changed. I knew that I had to develop multiple streams of income for my financial security and the security of my family. But the problem was to know how.

I started small after-work jobs in proofreading reports and dissertations from university students, translations of websites contents, translation of contracts, commissionaire, …, but that was not enough for me to make me financially independent. It was thinking of turning myself to Internet to make it happen.

Like you, I wanted to find a “real” way to make money online. I tried hard and I was subscribed many websites, I have also tried different money making ideas, but several times, I met scammers promising quick and crazy income! I wanted to give up , but…

One day, when I was interacting with a friend of mine, owner of promising online newspaper and an online TV, when I offered him my services of part-time editor, he told me about huge business opportunities all over the net. Then I discovered Wealthy Affiliate that changed my life. Now I earn commissions all day, every day, without selling my own products and without recruiting a single person.



If you are looking to be your own boss, webusinessopportunities.com provides valuable information and tips that will allow you to launch your own business from wherever you are.

Webusinessopportunities.com, a deals’ hub, sets up online ordering services for you to be able to run a business of your own and earn money.

With webusinessopportunities.com, you’ll find new business opportunities every day. You’ll be your own boss, helping you to help your friends and family to progress.


The purpose of webusinessopportunities.com is to help start and help grow a second income for you, and to provide valuable business opportunities and deals’ for everyone who, one day, dreamed to become his/her own boss,

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Thank you and I hope to see you on my website.

All the best,



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